Scottish based choreographers Aaron Jeffrey & Suzi Cunningham present new works.


Choreographer Aaron Jeffrey presents ‘Just Another Dog Barking’ performed by the Flesh Collective company.
Running time: 30mins

A mans best friend and companion take to the stage to perform on many levels, demonstrating the love and connections that are the common ground of man and beast. Through looking at the balance that lies within relationships of self and object, Just Another Dog Barking explores themes of partnering, excitement, longing and loss. By consolidating previous projects and created choreographies, Just Another Dog Barking forms a new hybrid form and represents what has been and could be barked at and about. Ideas, connections and intriguing choreographic concepts shape and influence new approaches within a conventional stage setting.

What are you barking about?


Suzi Cunningham presents solo show Bubble.

An eerie undertone of abandonment. A stench of a shopping trip gone horribly wrong…or perhaps a failed experiment…like a virus escaped from the laboratory. There is a sense that this is the end of something, but as the plastic clothed creature starts to move, we get a sense of something starting instead. A creature waking up, learning how to move, entering a world of development and conditioning.

Running time: 30mins approx.

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