In 2010 Leen Dewilde started destroying things, smashing cups, breaking down walls, cutting up furniture and sawing the legs off chairs.

A String Section started as one of these works, a simple set of 5 chairs, 5 women and 5 saws. A project where the production of sawdust, the legs over legs, the half broken chairs, the residue of the action is as important as the action itself. Up until today many chairs have been dismantled.

Performed FREE at various times and places around the city centre:

Tues 23, The Green, 2pm

Wed 24, Broad Street, 3pm

Thurs 25, Marischal Square, 4pm

Fri 26, Marischal Square, 5pm

Also performed with live electronic sound score as part of DanceLive Closing Party on Sat 27 Oct at The Anatomy Rooms.

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